EAS has switched to online education

EAS has switched to online education

Having switched to the online education from the first day of the break, the European Azerbaijan School have been fully carrying out the online lessons in compliance with the school schedule and is a leader in online education in Azerbaijan. In general, the school is fully managed online. All day-to-day activities for school management continue online. Thus, the School Administration regularly organises online meetings with Curriculum leaders. Furthermore, the school organises regular online meetings with parents and answers their questions and provides regular information about the education of their children.

A teacher support team of administrative staff has also been established. The main task of the team is to monitor attendance of the students, ensure maximum attendance of the students by contacting the parents of the students who are late or absent and learn the reasons for this.

The advisors discuss the relevant topics with their students according to the school timetable, the librarian reads books and discusses them with the students, the consultant talks regularly with the students in order to avoid the negative impact of staying at home in these difficult days on the psychology of the students.

For the first time, admission to our school is also carried out online. We have enough achievements in this area, too. Online interviews and tests are conducted successfully.

In short, despite the disadvantages of the current situation, we, as the European Azerbaijan School have managed to turn this situation to our advantage by advancing the school-student-parent cooperation more than ever, we have acquired new skills and enforced our unity.