Along with teaching at our school, one of our main goals is to achieve the perfect social development of students. Our social activities are:

Events (exhibitions, concerts, competitions, presentations, meetings, discussions, excursions to performances, etc.)

In addition to state events, our school organizes exhibitions, concerts and competitions organized by students. In order to form the worldview of students, the choice of future profession, the National Hero, writer, poet, composer, etc. meetings with celebrities are organized.


The purpose of our excursions is to acquaint students with different places, to achieve the development of education by developing their worldview.

Organization of newsletters

On significant historical days, when our students want to share any activities in the classroom with other students, they create newsletters and display them on the boards hanging on the school walls.

Social projects

"Sky" project

Since the beginning of our school, social coordinators consisting of students have been working within the "Sky" project. They are closely involved in all the school's social activities (discipline, cleanliness, interest in the social life of other students, assistance, support for the organization of events).

"Let's be loved, let's have fun, let's rejoice" project

The purpose of our clubs is not only to engage in any activity, but also to instill in students earning skills, thereby helping them to help people in need. Our activity within the framework of the project "Let's be loved, let's have fun, let's rejoice" created for this purpose began to bear fruit from the very first days. We are proud of our students.

The purpose of the project:

  • To prepare students for independent living, for facing difficulties and for finding ways out;

  • to instil skills such as self-confidence, agility, care, philanthropy, humanism, etc.;

  • to draw up a project, win a bid, properly direct the available capital;

  • to see club activities as an opportunity to gain profession;

  • to develop organizational skills.

 The organization of the work:

  • Create a student aid fund;

  • Make promotions among students;

  • Bring income to the fund from students' personal earnings:

  1. With the help of income from the in-school demonstration of club activities (with the participation of parents);

  2. With the help of income from the demonstration of activities such as exhibitions, concerts, dramas, etc. organized for the purpose of assistance in other enterprises.

Use of the fund:

It is spent on the personal initiatives of the students. (Tender is announced: "more charity with less money" is evaluated)


  • Landscaping of any area,

  • Families in need,

  • Orphanage,

  • Retirement home,

  • Patients in need of emergency surgery, etc. 

Our charity work:

- 1000 AZN donation to the orphanage in 2014;

- Cleaning and landscaping around the pool in the Botanical Garden in 2015;

- Establishment of a reading and restroom in the Children's Department of the Pulmonary Institute in 2016: repairing, supply, provision of "second-hand" clothes, books and toys;

- Provision of the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital with 6 devices, "second-hand" clothes, books and toys in 2017;

- Provision of books, toys, TV, clothes and school supplies to children treated in the Children's Department of the Pulmonary Institute in 2018;

- Provision of gifts to critically ill children treated at the Pulmonary dispensary in 2019 within the framework of the project “Shoe box”;

- Providing New Year gifts to orphans as part of the campaign held by Bravo supermarket in 2019-2020.